Drescher; Teppner
In memoriam Erich Klein (1931–2016)
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A new look for PHYTON and updated instructions for contributors OP
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Vitek u.a.
Validation of Pinguicula laueana (Lentibulariaceae), a name of an
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Laine u.a.
Sphagnum Mosses – The Stars of European Mires (Book review)
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Landolt u.a.
Costa Rican dictyostelids, with notes on the taxonomy, phylogeny a
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Oehl u.a.
Acaulospora spinosissima, a new arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus from
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Gupta u.a.
The state of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal diversity in India: an
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Lima u.a.
Cetraspora auronigra, a new glomeromycete species from Ouro Preto
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Marinho u.a.
Bulbospora minima, a new genus and a new species in the Glomeromyc
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Wang u.a.
Exobasidium japonicum inhabits in node strategically during summer
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