Phyton Vol. 59 E-Book S 49-53
Three new species of the genus Rhetinantha (Orchidaceae) from Colo
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erschienen 10.10.2019
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In: Phyton 59, Fasc. 1 (2019): S. 49-53 DOI: 10.12905/0380.phyton59-2019-0049 Published online on 10 Oktober 2019

Three new species of the genus Rhetinantha (Orchidaceae) from Colombia and Peru

Dariusz L. Szlachetko

Key words: Orchidaceae, Maxillaria, Rhetinantha, new taxa, orchids, Neotropics, Colombia, Peru.

The genus Rhetinantha has been segregated from Maxillaria sensu lato in 2007 by Blanco & al. It embraces about 20 species formerly classified in the M. acuminata alliance and its distribution range extends from Mexico to Bolivia and Brazil. Representatives of Rhetinantha are subcaespitose to long rhizomatous with often ridged pseudobulbs. Leaves in the number of 1 to 4, occur at the apex of the pseudobulb. Flowers are campanulate in general outline, with rigid, acuminate perianth parts. During the revision of the materials kept in AMES, we came across specimens which do not fit descriptions of any Rhetinantha species known so far. We propose to describe them as new species: Rhetinantha peruviana Szlach., Oledrzynska & Lipinska, Rh. schneideri Szlach., Oledrzynska & Lipinska, and Rh. vallecaucana Szlach., Oledrzynska & Lipinska.