Phyton Vol. 49/1 E-Book S 77-92
Notulae nomenclaturales 29–40 (Zur Nomenklatur von Gefäßpflanzen Ö
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In: Phyton, 49 Fasc. 1 (2009), S. 77-92

Please note that this paper is written in German.

Key words: Agrostis, Artemisia santonicum subsp. pannonica subsp. nova, Astragalus, Betonica, Calamagrostis, Ceratocephala, Draba, Gagea, Oxytropis, Ranunculus, Phyteuma, Rhinanthus, Thesium. – Nomenclature, lectotypification, taxonomy, angiosperms. – Flora of Austria.


Gutermann W. 2009. Notulae nomenclaturales 29–40 (Zur Nomenklatur von Gefäßpflanzen Österreichs) [Notulae nomenclaturales 29–40. (On the nomenclature of vascular plants of Austria)]. – Phyton (Horn, Austria) 49 (1): 77–92.

Artemisia santonicum subsp. pannonicum Guterm. subsp. nova is described to present a valid name for the diploid race of this species which formerly had been entitled as “subsp. patens” (an invalid designation with reference to an illegitimate name of a different species). Astragalus montanus L. is lectotypified with a Burser specimen; accordingly Oxytropis montana (L.) DC. (s. str.) is the correct name of what is usually known as O. jacquinii Bunge since 1961. Agrostis schraderiana “ Becherer is the single valid and correct name under that genus contrary to a majority of present floras which use the illegitimate name A. agrostiflora Rauschert for the species also known as Calamagrostis pilosa (P. Beauv.) Greuter. Careful analysis of the protologues of Ranunculus testiculatus Crantz and of Thesium arvense Horvátovszky shows that both are superfluous new names for Linnean species; they were wrongly applied however to the taxa which correctly are Ceratocephala orthoceras DC. [Ranunculus orthoceras (DC.) Benth. & Hook. f. ex Schmalh.] and Thesium ramosum Hayne; in addition the authorship is corrected for Ceratocephala falcata (L.) Cramer. Draba stylaris Gay ex Koch is the correct name for D. thomasii Koch if separated from Draba incana L. at specific rank. The names Phyteuma persicifolium Hoppe and Rhinanthus riphaeus Krock. precede the commonly used names Ph. zahlbruckneri Vest and Rh. pulcher Günther & Schummel ex Opiz; similarly Gagea liotardii (Sternb.) Schult. & Schult. f. has priority over G. fragifera (Vill.) E. Bayer & G. López (which by mistake was thought to be based on a specific name), and Stachys recta subsp. labiosa (Bertol.) Briq. over S. recta subsp grandiflora (Caruel) Arcang. [because of the earlier combination S. subcrenata subsp labiosa (Bertol.) Nyman]. Pending further taxonomic studies the name Betonica alopecuros L. subsp. jacquinii (Gren. & Godr.) O. Schwarz is favoured for the Eastern Alps populations of this species.