Valachovic; Hrivnak
Phyton Vol. 49/2 E-Book S 221-234
Is the Variability of Slaix cinerea-carrs in Slovakia Influenced b
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In: Phyton, 49 Fasc. 2 (2010), S. 221-234 with 2 figures

Key words: Salix cinerea, Salicaceae. – Detrended correspondence analysis, ecology, phytosociology, plant community distribution, Salicion cinereae, willow woodlands. – Vegetation of Slovakia, Europe.


Valachovic M. & Hrivnák R. 2010. Is the variability of Salix cinerea-carrs in Slovakia influenced by geographical or ecological factors? – Phyton (Horn, Austria) 49 (2): 221–234, with 2 figures.

The paper refers to the relatively large ecological valence and geographical distribution of Salix cinerea (grey willow) carrs (Salicion cinereae) in Europe. The result of numerical classification and ordination do not allow to classify stands to one large association. On the other hand, the description of numerous local associations and temporary differences between them complicate the system of vegetation survey. The analyses based on 169 relevés resulted in the distinction of two associations: natural peat and wettest Salicetum pentandro-cinereae Passarge 1961, occurring predominantly in highlands, and semi-natural, slightly ruderalised and relatively dryer lowland willow stands of the Frangulo-Salicetum cinereae Graebner & Hueck 1931. Differential taxa and description of ecological conditions are supplied with the distribution map of the associations.