Businsky; Kirschner
Phyton Vol. 50/1 E-Book S 27-57
Pinus mugo and P. uncinata as Parents of Hybrids. A Taxonomic and
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In: Phyton, 50 Fasc. 1 (2010), S. 27-57 with 6 figures

Key words: Pinaceae, Pinus mugo, Pinus sylvestris, Pinus uncinata, Pinus × ascendens, Pinus × celakovskiorum, Pinus × rhaetica. – Hybridization, nomenclature, taxonomy. – Flora of Europe.


BUSINSKÝ R. & KIRSCHNER J. 2010. Pinus mugo and P. uncinata as parents of hybrids. A taxonomic and nomenclatural survey. – Phyton (Horn, Austria) 50 (1): 27–57, with 6 figures.

Taxonomy and nomenclature of hybrids among members of the Pinus mugo complex (P. mugo, P. uncinata subsp. uncinata, P. uncinata subsp. uliginosa) and between the Pinus mugo complex and P. sylvestris are analyzed and summarized. Pinus × rhaetica nothosubsp. rhaetica is identified as a hybrid between P. sylvestris and P. uncinata subsp. uncinata. The previously designated neotype of the name is superseded by a lectotype chosen from the original material (an icon), and an epitype is selected to stabilize the usage of the name. The other hybrids include P. × cela„kovskiorum (P. mugo × P. sylvestris) and P. × rhaetica nothosubsp. digenea (P. × digenea, P. uncinata subsp. uliginosa × P. sylvestris). For both hybrid names epitypes were selected. The combinations P. mugo × P. uncinata subsp. uncinata and P. mugo × P. uncinata subsp. uliginosa are described as new under the names P. × ascendens BUSINSKÝ nothosubsp. ascendens and P. × ascendens nothosubsp. skalickyi BUSINSKÝ, respectively.