Phyton Vol. 50/2 E-Book S 205-219
On the Presence of Amaranthus polygonoides L. (Amaranthaceae) in E
Artikel Nr 2734
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In: Phyton, 50 Fasc. 2 (2011), S. 205-219 with 2 figures

Key words: Amaranthaceae, Amaranthus polygonoides L. – Alien plant species, neophyta, ephemeral status. – Flora of Europe.


Iamonico D. 2011. On the presence of Amaranthus polygonoides L. (Amaranthaceae) in Europe. – Phyton (Horn, Austria) 50 (2): 205–219, with 2 figures.

Based on a review of literature and on-line meta sources, examination of specimens in the main European Herbaria and floristic surveys, the distribution and the invasive status (ephemeral!) of Amaranthus polygonoides L. (Amaranthaceae) in Europe are discussed. Taxonomical notes and a detailed description and illustration of the species are also provided, as well as a key for four species of A. subg. Albresia sect. Pentamorion.