Frajman; Bacic
Phyton Vol. 50/2 E-Book S 232-262
Contributions to the knowledge of the flora of slovenia and adjace
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In: Phyton, 50 Fasc. 2 (2011), S. 231-262 with 10 figures

Key words: Angiosperms, Ballota nigra, Chaerophyllum aromaticum (not in Slovenia), Eschscholzia californica, Galium elongatum, Isolepis setacea, Laserpitium archangelica, Phacelia tanacetifolia, Ranunculus polyanthemophyllus, Ranunculus reptans (not in Slovenia), Thalictrum simplex. – Taxonomy, floristics, neophyta, plant distribution, alien and native species. – Flora of Slovenia.


Frajman B. & Bacic T. 2011. Contributions to the knowledge of the flora of Slovenia and adjacent regions: taxonomic revision and distributional patterns of ten selected species. – Phyton (Horn, Austria) 50 (2): 231–262, with 10 figures.

The Angiosperm flora of the Slovenian Dinaric phytogeographic region is, with the exception of some famous localities such as Mt. Snežnik and Cerkniško jezero, relatively poorly studied. We here present new floristic records for ten taxa. Their distribution in Slovenia (based on revision of the herbarium material in LJU, our own data as well as literature data) is discussed and where necessary presented on maps. The distribution patterns are often in disagreement with the information provided in standard Slovenian floristic and biogeographic literature. In some cases we discuss taxonomically difficult groups and present new data about the distribution of infraspecific taxa. Moreover, we evaluate the conservation status of the taxa in Slovenia. In Slovenia, Ballota nigra is represented by two subspecies, the western subsp. meridionalis and the eastern subsp. nigra. Their distributions largely overlap in central Slovenia and subsp. meridionalis has much wider distribution than previously assumed. Chaerophyllum aromaticum is an enigmatic species, in the past erroneously listed for Slovenia. Eschscholzia californica is an alien species neglected by the Slovenian standard floristic literature, even if its occurrence in the wild has been known for several years. We here present its distribution in Slovenia for the first time. Galium elongatum, an octoploid species from the G. palustre group, is sometimes difficult to distinguish from G. palustre. We used the stomata length as an additional character to resolve the taxonomic alliance of the G. palustre group. Isolepis setacea was after 100 years rediscovered in central Slovenia. Laserpitium archangelica was believed to be very rare in Slovenia, where it reaches its north-western distribution margin, but the here presented map shows that it is distributed in major parts of the Dinaric phytogeographic region. We present an updated distribution map of the alien species Phacelia tanacetifolia. Ranunculus polyanthemophyllus from the R. polyanthemos group is a neglected species of the Slovenian flora, not treated by standard floristic works. The revision shows that it is scattered in the western part of Slovenia, whereas the occurrence of R. polyanthemos could not be confirmed. Ranunculus reptans was erroneously listed for Cerkniško jezero and does actually not occur in Slovenia. Thalictrum simplex and its infraspecific taxa have been revised and only subsp. tenuifolium has been confirmed for Slovenia. In some cases our results are of broader international importance, as they provide new insights into the distribution of some poorly studied European taxa.