Phyton Vol. 51/1 E-Book S 149-152
Echinodorus densinervis spec. nova (Alismataceae) from South Ameri
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In: Phyton, 51 Fasc. 1 (2011), S. 149-152

Key words: Alismataceae, Echinodorus densinervis spec. nova. – Nomenclature, taxonomy. – Flora of S America.


Somogyi J. 2011. Echinodorus densinervis spec. nova (Alismataceae) from South America. – Phyton (Horn, Austria) 51 (1): 149–152.

Echinodorus densinervis Somogyi is formally described as a new species. This species from Brazil was hitherto known under the illegitimate name E. martii, the type of which belongs to a different species. One of the characteristics is the dense veining of the leaf blade.