Vundac et al
Phyton Vol. 51/1 E-Book S 161-176
Morphology and Distribution of Trichomes on Leaves in Seven Croati
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In: Phyton, 51 Fasc. 1 (2011), S. 161-176, with 4 figures

Key words: Lamiaceae, Stachys, Croatian flora, micromorphology, taxonomy, trichomes.


Bilusic Vundac V., Stabentheiner E., Brantner A.H. & Plazibat M. 2011. Morphology and distribution of trichomes on leaves in seven Croatian taxa of the genus Stachys (Lamiaceae). – Phyton (Horn, Austria) 51 (1): 161–176, with 4 figures.

Trichomes on leaves of Stachys alpina L., S. officinalis (L.) Trevos., S. palustris L., S. recta L. subsp. recta, S. recta L. subsp. subcrenata (Vis.) Briq., S. salviifolia Ten., and S. sylvatica L. were investigated by light and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Six types of glandular and three types of non-glandular trichomes were found, including a particular type of glandular trichome that was not described yet for the genus Stachys. The investigation of micromorphological characters was the first report on types of trichomes present in S. palustris and S. recta subsp. subcrenata and it enabled in particular the characterisation of S. officinalis and differentiation among two S. recta subspecies. A key for the characterisation of the investigated Stachys taxa based on trichome types is presented.