Kolanowska; Szlachetko
Phyton Vol. 53/2 E-Book S 221-239
New species of the genus Campylocentrum (Orchida-ceae-Vandeae) fro
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In: Phyton 53, Fasc. 2 (2013), S. 221–239, with 10 figures

New species of the genus Campylocentrum (Orchida-ceae-Vandeae) from Colombia

Key words: Campylocentrum, Orchidaceae, Vandeae. – New species, systematics, taxonomy. – Flora of Colombia.


Eight new species of the orchid genus Campylocentrum (Orchidaceae-Vandeae) are described and illustrated, mainly based on examination of herbarium material. Information about their ecology, habitat and distribution, as well as a dichotomous key to the twenty Colombian species of Campylocentrum are provided.