Pinter et al
Phyton Vol. 53/2 E-Book S 289-304
Mucinaea (Hyacinthaceae-Urgineoideae), a remarka-ble new genus fro
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In: Phyton 53, Fasc. 2 (2013), S. 289–304, with 4 figures – English with German summary

Key words: Mucinaea gen. nov., Mucinaea nana comb. nova, Asparagaceae s. APG III, Hyacinthaceae, Scilloideae, Urgineoideae, Urgineeae, Drimia, Rhadamanthus, Tenicroa. – Ecology, taxonomy. – Flora of South Africa, Namaqualand.

Summary: We here describe a new genus from Namaqualand, which is based on Tenicroa nana Snijman. Mucinaea M. Pinter, Mart.-Azorín, U. Müll.-Doblies, D. Müll.-Doblies, Pfosser & Wetschnig gen. nov. shows several character-states different from all other known species of Tenicroa and a few even do not occur in any other genus of Hyacinthaceae. Mucinaea M. Pinter & al. is easily distinguishable by its purplish-pink tepals bearing a double-eyed green floral marking at their base, surrounded by a white margin, unique within Hyacinthaceae. It also differs by the single sheathing cataphyll without raised transverse ribs, different from the other species of Tenicroa, and by the second sheath consisting of a compound of the bases of about ten foliage leaves, surrounding about ten further free foliage leaves, what is a unique structure in the bulbous world. Mucinaea with Mucinaea nana (Snijman) M. Pinter & al. comb. nova is a monotypic genus, only known from three quarter - degree squares in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa. Data on morphology, ecology and distribution are given. Additionally, this separation leads to the monophyly of the genus Tenicroa.