Szlachetko u.a.
Phyton Vol. 55/2 E-Book S 313-320
Two New Species of the Genus Inti (Orchidaceae-Van­doideae-Maxilla
Artikel Nr 2629
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In: Phyton 55, Fasc. 2 (2015): S. 313-320 DOI: 10.12905/0380.phyton55(2)2015-0313

Two New Species of the Genus Inti (Orchidaceae-Van­doideae-Maxillariinae) from Colombia and Ecuador

Key words: Inti kefersteinioides spec. nova, Inti vanderwerffii spec. nova, Maxillariinae, Vandoideae, Orchidaceae. – Taxonomy, new species. – Flora of Co­lombia, Ecuador, neotropics.

Szlachetko D. L. & Lipinska M. 2015. Two new species of the genus Inti (Orchi­daceae-Vandoideae-Maxillariinae) from Colombia and Ecuador. – Phyton (Horn, Austria) 55(2): 313–320, with 5 figures.

Two new species of the genus Inti M. A. Blanco (Orchidaceae-Vandoideae-Maxillariinae) are described and illustrated based on herbarium material. Inti kefersteinioides Szlach. & Lipin´ska is recorded from Colombia and is characterized by an oblong-elliptic, acute, unlobed lip with a massive, very thick callus and ob­long-lanceolate petals. Inti vanderwerffii Szlach. & Lipin´ska comes from Ecuador and its main flower character is the prominently 3-lobed lip in the apical fourth or fifth, with a ligulate-pentagonal, acute middle lobe, and prominent lip callus. A key for the determination of the seven species of the genus is provided.