Szlachetko u.a.
Phyton Vol. 56/2 E-Book S 201-208
Telipogon sibundoyensis spec. nova (Orchidaceae-Vandoideae-Telipog
Artikel Nr 2612
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In: Phyton 56, Fasc. 2 (2016): S. 201-208 DOI: 10.12905/0380.phyton56(2)2016-0201

Telipogon sibundoyensis spec. nova (Orchidaceae-Vandoideae-Telipogoninae) from Colombia


Dariusz L. Szlachetko, Marta Kolanowska and Ramiro Medina Trejo

Received April 8, 2016

Key words: Orchidaceae Telipogon,Telipogon sibundoyensis spec. nova, Telipogoneae, Telipogoninae, Vandoideae. – New species, biodiversity, taxonomy. – Flora of Colombia, neotropics.

Kolanowska M., Szlachetko D. L. & Medina Trejo R. 2016. A new species of Telipogon (Orchidaceae-Vandoideae-Telipogoninae) from Colombia. – Phyton (Horn, Austria) 56(2): 201–208, with 5 figures.

A new species of Telipogon, T. sibundoyensis Szlach., Kolan. & Medina Tr. (Orchidaceae-Vandoideae-Telipogoninae), is described and illustrated. So far, the new entity is known from few localities of the Colombian Andes. The novelty resembles T. andinus Dodson from which it differs by the presence of a prominent, thick, basal lip rim, which is densely glandular ciliate and by the gynostemium covered by setose hairs of various length along the clinandrium margins at the back of the anther.