Szlachetko u.a.
Phyton Vol. 56/2 E-Book S 255-266
Five New Species of Microchilus (Orchidaceae-Spiranthoideae-Goodye
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In: Phyton 56, Fasc. 2 (2016): S. 255-266 DOI: 10.12905/0380.phyton56(2)2016-0255

Five New Species of Microchilus (Orchidaceae-Spiranthoideae-Goodyerinae) from the Neotropics


Dariusz L. Szlachetko and Marta Kolanowska

Received June 20, 2016

Key words: Microchilus, Goodyerinae, Goodyereae, Spiranthoideae, Orchidaceae. – New species, systematics, taxonomy. – Flora of Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, Venezuela, neotropics.

Szlachetko D. L. & Kolanowska M. 2016. Five new species of Microchilus (Orchidaceae-Spiranthoideae-Goodyerinae) from the Neotropics. – Phyton (Horn, Austria) 56(2): 255–266, with 6 figures.

Five new species of Microchilus from Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, and Venezuela are described and illustrated: M. peruvianus Szlach. & Kolan. (characterized by apically rounded petals, unconstricted lip hypochile and sessile lip epichile with triangular middle lobule), M. pilosus Szlach. & Kolan. (unconstricted, ovate-triangular lip hypochile, cordate lip epichile with truncate lobules), M. atwoodii Szlach. & Kolan. (oblong-spathulate, obtuse petals, subrectangular lip hypochile and indistinct sinus between epi- and hypochile), M. folsomii Szlach. & Kolan. (long floral bracts, ellipsoid spur, transversely elliptic-sagittate lip epichile and lack of lamellate keels in the lip hypochile), and M. steyermarkii Szlach. & Kolan. (the subrectangular lip hypochile with two minute, rounded lobules in the apical part and triangular middle lobule of the epichile). The taxonomic affinities of the novelties within the genus are discussed.