Sydowia Vol. 62/2 E-Book/S 305-316
Uromyces rusts on Cucurbitaceae
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M. M. Thaung

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, 900 Exposition Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90007, USA

Thaung M. M. (2010) Uromyces rusts on Cucurbitaceae. – Sydowia 62 (2): 305–316.

The systematic survey aimed to update, annotate and consolidate currently accepted and described species of Uromyces rusts on Cucurbitaceae. Ten valid Uromyces species were analyzed, amplified and augmented based on literature data, comprising Uromyces anguriae, U. corallocarpi, U. guraniae, U. neotropicalis, U. novissimus, U. poliotelis, U. ratoides, U. ratus, U. reynoldsii, and U. yakushimensis. Descriptions and phy-togeographic information are provided together with a diagnostic key to species. Their morphology, taxo-nomy, geobotany, phylogeny, potential molecular tools and trophic associations are also discussed.
Keywords: biotrophs, cucurbits, morphology, neotropics, systematics, Pucciniales, Uredinales.