Steciow; Marano
Sydowia Vol. 64/1 E-Book/S 119-127
Southernmost occurrence of two species of Monoblepharis (Monobleph
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M. M. Steciow & A. V. Marano

Instituto de Botánica Spegazzini, Universidad Nacional de La Plata, calle 53 N 477, La Plata, 1900, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Steciow M. M. & Marano A. V. (2012) Southernmost occurrence of two species of Monoblepharis (Monoblepharidomycetes, Chytridiomycota) in America. – Sydowia 64 (1): 119–127.

Two species of Monoblepharis (Monoblepharidomycetes, Chytridiomycota): M. hypo­gyna and M. polymorpha, were isolated from litter samples (mainly floating leaves and twigs) of two aquatic environments in Argentina. These findings represent the first record of both species in South America and the southern-most occurrence of the genus in America. It is also the first record of a member of the Monoblepharidaceae in Argentina.
Keywords: Monoblepharis hypogyna, M. polymorpha, Monoblepharidaceae, Argen­tina