Yurchenko; Wu
Sydowia Vol. 66/1 E-Book/S 19-23
Hyphoderma formosanum, sp. nov., (Basidiomycota) from Taiwan
Artikel Nr 2496
Preis 6,60
Yurchenko E. O. & Wu S.-H. (2014) Hyphoderma formosanum, sp. nov., (Basidiomycota) from Taiwan. – Sydowia 66 (1): 19–23.

Hyphoderma formosanum (Meruliaceae, Polyporales) is proposed as a new species. It was collected in central Taiwan, from mixed forests at the altitudes 1200–1300 m, and grows saprobically on wood of gymnosperms and angiosperms. The species is characterized by odontioid hymenial surface, partly encrusted capitate cystidia, encrusted projecting hyphal ends, encrusted basidioles and ellipsoid basidiospores. Description and illustrations of macro- and micromorphology of the species are provided.

Keywords: China, corticioid fungi, Cryptomeria, subtropics, taxonomy.