Jancovicová u.a.
Sydowia Vol. 66/1 E-Book/S 79-97
New records and epitypification of Crepidotus malachioides (Crepid
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Jancovicová S., Tomšovský M., Urban, A. & Krisai-Greilhuber I., (2014) New records and epitypification of Crepidotus malachioides (Crepidotaceae, Agaricales). – Sydowia 66 (1): 79–97.

Crepidotus malachioides was described based on Ukrainian material in 2008. It is similar to some other Crepidotus species in having globose to subglobose spores with a truncate-baculate surface, but is unique by its hymenidermic pileipellis structure with capitate pileocystidia. A detailed description along with illustrations of basidiomata and microscopic features, and LSU-ITS DNA sequences of C. malachioides are presented based on material collected in NE Slovakia and in E Austria. A comparative study of all collections with the type is also provided and species variability and some discrepancies in the original description are discussed. As the type material is in rather poor condition and DNA extraction failed we designate one of the Slovakian collections as an epitype.

Key words: epitype, morphology, DNA sequences, Slovakia, Ukraine, Austria.