Rieder, Ferdinand
Julia's Wachau Adventure
Artikel Nr 1963
ISBN 978-3-85028-649-7
erschienen 16.05.2014
Maße 21 x 14,8 cm
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Einband Softcover
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"Julia's Wachau Adventure", as the title leaves no room for doubt, takes place in our home province of Lower Austria. The content in a nutshell: Young girl Julia, member of a travel group, assists during a brief stay in Dürnstein in solving a spectacular criminal case, and in doing so, becomes the heroine of the day.

The story wants to make young readers (ages 8 and up) familiar with one of Austria's most beautiful regions, introducing them to historical and geographical facts wrapped up in an exciting plot.

Aside from numerous illustrations, typical Wachau-pictures of renowned photographers (Blair, Semrad, Haider) will also be included.

With the target group of young visitors from all over the world, our book will be published in nine different languages (German, English, Spanish, Italian, French, Hungarian, Czech, Russian, and Japanese)
About the author: Ferdinand Rieder, born in 1947, lives and works in Tulln. While originally primarily active as a cabaret writer (Simpl, Erwin Steinhauer, Steinböck & Rudle, Alfred Dorfer) and wordsmith of long-running newspaper comic strips, e.g. "Columbus" (10 years daily in the "Kronen Zeitung", seven hardcover compilations) or "Lois" (for the last 23 (!) years in the "Österreichische Bauernzeitung"), he now debuts as a children's book author – the "Wachau Adventure" might very well be continued.