Phyton Vol. 51/Fasc.1 E-Book
Notulae nomenclaturales 41-45/S95-102
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In: Phyton, 51 Fasc. 1 (2011), S. 95-102

Please note that this paper is written in German.

Key words: Angiospermae, Crataegus, Cruciata, Galium, Hieracium, Kali, Pilosella, Salsola, Spergularia. – Nomenclature, new combinations, lectotypification. – Flora of Central Europe.


Gutermann W. 2011. Notulae nomenclaturales 41–45. (Neue Namen bei Cruciata und Kali sowie einige kleinere Korrekturen). [Notulae nomenclaturales 41–45. (New names in Cruciata, Kali, and some small corrections)]. – Phyton (Horn, Austria) 51 (1): 95–102.

Cruciata verna (Scop.) Guterm. & Ehrend. (comb. nova) is the correct name for the former Galium vernum Scop., as is Kali turgida (Dumort.) Guterm. (comb. nova) for Salsola kali L., if these species are generically separated in line with present phylogenetic classification. Spergularia marina (L.) Besser has priority over S. salina J. & C. Presl. The first valid publication and correct authorship is given for Hieracium alpicola Schleich.; the original orthography of Crataegus levigata (Poiret) DC. should be maintained.