Hofbauer, Renate
Empress Elisabeth of Austria 1837-1898
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To this day, the life of Empress Elisabeth of Austria is shrouded in myth. Known as Sisis, she went down in history as a beautiful and enigmatic woman who lived a tragic life and suffered an equally tragic end. She was the embodiment of all the glamour but also the suffering of the Austrian imperial court in the 19th century.

This biography is as fascinating as it is moving. The unusual combination of text and images brings the personal side of Elisabeth impressively close. The author has aimed to show the deep anguish of a woman trapped in her role as an empress and to describe and document her tragic life with all its ups and downs.

The author is Viennese and Austrian with all her heart and soul. Alongside other professional activities the occupation of tourist guide allows the qualified translator (English, French, Spanish and Italian) to bring to life her love of the history and culture of her country. In her lively biographies of famous Austrian personalities factual information is presented in an interesting and readable style. Above all, it is her goal to bring readers closer through less well-known depictions of the subjects of the biographies – and all in a visually attractive, high-quality finished product.