Wetschnig u.a.
Phyton Vol. 56/1 E-Book S 111-119
Massonia thunbergiana (Hyacinthaceae-Hyacinthoideae), a New Specie
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In: Phyton 56, Fasc. 1 (2016): S. 111-119 DOI: 10.12905/0380.phyton56(1)2016-0111

Massonia thunbergiana (Hyacinthaceae-Hyacinthoideae), a New Species from the Cold Heart of South Africa


Wolfgang Wetschnig, Mario Martínez-Azorín and Michael Pinter, with 3 Figures

Key words: Asparagaceae, Hyacinthaceae, Massonieae, Massonia thunbergi­ana spec. nova, Scilloideae. – Systematics, taxonomy. – South Africa, Roggeveld.

Wetschnig W., Martínez-Azorín M. & Pinter M. 2016. Massonia thunbergiana (Hyacinthaceae-Hyacinthoideae), a new species from the cold heart of South Africa. – Phyton (Horn, Austria) 56 (1): 111–119, with 3 figures.

As part of a taxonomic revision of the genus Massonia (Hyacinthaceae-Hya­cinthoideae-Massonieae), a new species, M. thunbergiana Wetschnig, Mart.-Azorín & M. Pinter is here described from the Roggeveld, the coldest region of South Af­rica. This species is at first sight similar to some populations of the heterogenous M. depressa-aggregate but it differs in vegetative, floral, and molecular characters as well as by its distribution. A detailed morphological description of the new spe­cies and data on biology, habitat, and distribution are presented.