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Bertia rasocatarinensis – A new species of Bertia and ...
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In: Sydowia 76, (2024): 11-20; ISSN 0082-0598, DOI 10.12905/0380.sydowia76-2024-0011, Published online on July 17, 2023

Bertia rasocatarinensis – A new species of Bertia and some new records of Ascomycota for Brazil

Maiara Araújo Lima dos Santos,*, Nadja Santos Vitória, Rafael José Vilela de Oliveira &
José Luiz Bezerra

1 Postgraduate Program in Biology of Fungi, Department of Mycology, Federal University of Pernambuco,
Av. Professor Nelson Chaves, s/n, 50670-420, Recife, PE, Brazil

2 Postgraduate Program in Plant Biodiversity, State University of Bahia, Paulo Afonso, 48600-000, Bahia, Brazil

3 Centro de Tecnologias Estratégicas do Nordeste (CETENE), Recife, PE, 50740-540 Brazil

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Santos M.A.L., Vitória N.S., Oliveira R.J.V.& Bezerra J.L. (2023) Bertia rasocatarinensis – A new species of Bertia and some
new records of Ascomycota for Brazil. – Sydowia 76: 11–20.

During expeditions to the Raso da Catarina Ecological Station, Bahia, Brazil, to survey the mycota of this conservation unit,
a new species of the genus Bertia was identified and three species were recorded for the first time from Brazil and also from South America. The new species Bertia rasocatarinensis presents morphological and molecular genetic characters different from other species of the genus and the phylogenetic analysis of the LSU rDNA sequence data set showed that B. rasocatarinensis formed a distinct position with other Bertia species. Bertia rasocatarinensis is mainly characterized by cylindrical, curved ascospores that become brown with 1–3 transverse septa at maturity. Morphologically, B. rasocatarinensis resembles Bertia triseptata, but differs from it in size, color, and number of ascospores and septa. Anteaglonium parvulum and Lophiotrema nucula are new records from South America, Macrovalsaria megalospora is a new record from Brazil, and Capronia pilosella is a new record from the northeastern region of Brazil.

Keywords: Caatinga, Coronophorales, taxonomy, teleomorph fungi. – 1 new species.