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Sydowia Vol. 75 E-Book/S 75-86
Absidia variicolumellata, sp. nov., ...
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In: Sydowia 75, (2023): 75-86; ISSN 0082-0598, DOI 10.12905/0380.sydowia75-2022-0075 Published online on November 29, 2022

Absidia variicolumellata, sp. nov., a new mucoralean
fungus isolated from Atlantic Forest in Bahia state

Leslie Waren Silva de Freitas, Mateus Oliveira da Cruz, Thuong Thuong Thi Nguyen, Hyang Burm Lee,
Francisca Robervânia Soares dos Santos & André Luiz Cabral Monteiro de Azevedo Santiago,

Programa de Pós-Graduação em Biologia de Fungos, Departamento de Micologia. Universidade Federal de Pernambuco,
Av. Prof. Nelson Chaves, s/n, 50670–420, Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil
Environmental Microbiology Lab, Department of Agricultural Biological Chemistry, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences,
Chonnam National University, Gwangju 61186, Korea


Freitas L.W.S, Cruz M.O., Nguyen T.T.T, Lee H.B., dos Santos F.R.S. & Santiago A.L.C.M. de A. (2022) Absidia variicolumellata,
sp. nov, a new species of mucoralean fungi isolated from Atlantic Forest in Bahia state (Brazil). – Sydowia 75: 75–86.
During a survey on the diversity of Mucoromycota in Atlantic Forest soils from northeastern Brazil, one strain belonging to
Absidia that was morphologically and genetically [internal transcribed spacer (ITS) and large subunit (LSU) rDNA] distinct
from other species was isolated. The new species produces simple or repeatedly branched (up to five times) sporangiophores that
arise single or in whorls of up to eight from stolons, and hemispherical, globose, and fig-shaped columellae with no projections
or with up to two projections on its surface. Sporangiospores are exclusively cylindrical and slightly constricted in the center. The
specimen grew better at 25 and 30 °C, with no development at 40 °C. Based on the evidence of the analyzed datasets, a new species
of Absidia is proposed. A table with the morphological characteristics of Absidia species from America (North, Central, and
South) and species that are phylogenetically closest to the new species is provided.

Keywords: Mucorales, Cunninghamiellaceae, Monte Pascoal, taxonomy. – 1 new species.