Rehorska et al
Phyton Vol. 53/1 E-Book S 125-132
Simultaneous Detection of (+)-Catechin, Juglone, Emodin, Piceatann
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In: Phyton, 53 Fasc. 1 (2013), S. 125-132, with 1 figure

Key words: Allelopathy, phytotoxicity, catechin, emodin, juglone, resveratrol, physcion, piceatannol, ×.


Rehorska R., Lernbeiß J., Pinter M., Müller M. & Pfeifhofer H. W. 2013. Simultaneous detection of (+)-Catechin, Juglone, Emodin, Piceatannol, Physcion and Resveratrol by TLC in a two step procedure – a “quick and dirty” approach. – Phyton (Horn, Austria) 53 (1): 125–132, with 1 figure.

Resveratrol, emodin and physcion, bioactive compounds occurring in various plant genera like and were detected in rhizome extracts of × bohemica (Chrtek & Chrtková) J.P. Bailey by establishing a simple silica gel thin layer chromatography run: precedent to a treatment with vanilline-HCl (an approved method of catechin detection) a two component eluent system was performed. We were successful in simultaneous detection of (+)-catechin, emodin, physcion, piceatannol and juglone in mixtures of standards, provided that the concentration of these substances is above the detection limit. Given, that the named substances have either valuable pharmaceutical properties or are suspected to have allelochemical effects, this method may prove advantageous in pre-screening of crude plant extracts because of its quick, simple and low-cost viability.