Ramírez-Cruz u.a.
Sydowia Vol. 65/2 E-Book/S 277-319
Type studies of Psilocybe sensu lato (Strophariaceae, Agaricales)
Artikel Nr 2502
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Ramírez-Cruz V., Guzmán G. & Guzmán-Dávalos L. (2013) Type studies of Psilocybe sensu lato (Strophariaceae, Agaricales). – Sydowia 65 (2): 277–319.

A revision of 40 types from ten herbaria is presented to contribute to the taxonomic understanding of Psilocybe and Deconica. In all cases, descriptions of the types were completed, with characters not previously included such as the presence of pileocystidia, subhymenium type, and arrangement of the hyphae from pileus trama. We found that P. chiapanensis and P. subyungensis are synonyms of P. yungensis, P. bipleurocystidiata of P. subtropicalis, P. subacutipilea of P. mexicana, P. ochreata of D. montana, and P. overeemii is a synonym of D. neocaledonica. Also, five species that were formerly considered to be bluing actually correspond to the nonhallucinogenic genus Deconica: Psilocybe aureicystidiata, P. goniospora, P. neocaledonica, P. ochreata, and P. overeemii. Thus, the new combinations Deconica aureicystidiata, comb. nov., and Deconica neocaledonica, comb. nov., are proposed.

Keywords: holotypes, isotypes, nomenclature, protologues, taxonomy.