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Sydowia Vol. 75 E-Book/S 193-219 OPEN ACCESS
Astrocystis revisited
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erschienen 07.02.2022
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In: Sydowia 75, (2022): 193-219; ISSN 0082-0598, DOI 10.12905/0380.sydowia75-2022-193, Published online on February 7, 2023

Astrocystis revisited

Liliane E. Petrini

Via al Perato 15c, 6932 Breganzona, Switzerland, orcid 0000-0002-5743-6062


Petrini L.E. (2023) Astrocystis revisited. – Sydowia 75: 193–219.
Astrocystis species (Xylariaceae) listed in Index Fungorum are revisited. A new species (A. guyanae) and eight new combinations
from Rosellinia (A. ambigens, A. dimidiata, A. formosa var. formosa, A. formosa var. flavozonata, A. hemisphaerica, A. marginatoclypeata,
A. muroiana, and A. subverruculosa) are proposed, described, and illustrated. A dichotomous key to Astrocystis
species is provided, their hosts and distribution are listed, and species concepts are discussed.

Keywords: key; monocotyledons; morphology; alpha taxonomy; Xylariaceae. – 1 new species, 8 new combinations.