Pearson, Davd A. B.
Neue Denkschriften des Naturhistorischen Museums in Wien / Rhaefian Brachiopods Europe
Band 1, Pearson Rhaetian Branch. of Eur.
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ISBN 978-3-85028-040-2
erschienen 01.01.1977
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In a significant monograph Pearson describes the Late Triassic (Rhaetian) brachiopods from Europe, especially from the Alpine area. Revisions were made from the original materials of the fundamental works of Bittner, E. Suess and Zugmayer. These materials were studied for the first time by serial grindings and acetate peels. Besides of an extensive systematic work the stratigraphy and regional distribution of the species are given. This well-illustrated volume will be of interest to all workers in the systematics of fossil brachiopods, to Mesozoic stratigraphers, geologists and peleontologists interested in the Tethyan and Alpine regions.