Moreno Moral u.a.
Phyton Vol. 57/E-Book S 19-36
Contributions to the knowledge of Cistanche...; S. 19 - 36
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In: Phyton 57 (2017): S. 19-36 DOI: 10.12905/0380.phyton57-2018-0019 Published online on 30th January 2018

Published online on 30th January 2018

Contributions to the knowledge of Cistanche (Orobanchaceae) in the Western Palearctic

Gonzalo Moreno Moral, Óscar Sánchez Pedraja & Renata Piwowarczyk

Key words: Cistanche lutea, Cistanche lutea var. violaceoides var. nova, Cistanche mauritanica, Cistanche phelypaea, Cistanche tinctoria, Cistanche tubulosa, Cistanche violacea, Orobanchaceae. – Nomenclature, systematics, taxonomy. – Flora of the Western Mediterranean, Western Palearctic.

Moreno Moral G., Sánchez Pedraja Ó. & Piwowarczyk R. 2018. Contributions to the knowledge of Cistanche (Orobanchaceae) in the Western Palearctic. – Phyton (Horn, Austria) 57 (1-2): 19–36, with 9 figures.

Identity, types, synonymy and accepted names for the taxa of the genus Cistanche Hoffmanns. & Link (Orobanchaceae) from the Western Palearctic are provided. The alleged nothotaxon C. hybrida Beck, largely ignored in Northern African literature, was found to belong to C. violacea (Desf.) Hoffmanns. & Link. Furthermore, we provide strong arguments to treat C. phelypaea subsp. lutea (Desf.) Fern. Casas & M. Laínz at species rank, for which the name C. lutea (Desf.) Hoffmanns. & Link is available instead of C. tinctoria sensu Beck. Within this species, C. lutea var. violaceoides Moreno Mor., Ó. Sánchez & Piwow. var. nova is described to comprise populations from the southeast of the Iberian Peninsula formerly mistaken for C. violacea. Further remarks concern C. tubulosa (Schenk) Hook.f. and the true identity of C. tinctoria (Forss k.) Deflers. In addition, a key is provided for Cistanche in the Western Mediterranean. A nomenclatural treatment of C. lutea, C. mauritanica (Coss . & Durieu) Beck, C. phelypaea (L.) Cout., C. tinctoria and C. violacea is presented. The names Phelypaea mauritanica and Ph. violacea are lectotypified.