Martínez Carretero
Phyton Vol. 55/1 E-Book S 1-16
Geoffroea subtropicalis (Lillo) Martínez Carretero comb. & stat. n
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In: Phyton 55, Fasc. 1 (2015): S. 1-16 with 6 figures DOI: 10.12905/0380.phyton55(1)2015-0001

Geoffroea subtropicalis (Lillo) Martínez Carretero comb. & stat. nov. (Fabaceae-Dalbergiae), and its ­Phytogeographical Significance
Key words: Fabaceae, Leguminosae, Dalbergieae, Geoffroea subtropicalis (Lillo) Martínez Carretero comb. & stat. nov., Geoffroea decorticans. – Distribution, vegetation, Chaco, Monte. – Flora of Argentina.

Martínez Carretero E. 2014. Geoffroea subtropicalis (Lillo) Martínez Carre­tero comb. & stat. nov. (Fabaceae-Dalbergiae), and its phytogeographical significance. – Phyton (Horn, Austria) 55 (1): 1–16, with 6 figures.


Geoffroea subtropicalis (Lillo) Martínez Carretero is proposed as a new species. It is characterized by tall habit, non-gemmiferous roots, persistent cortex, and bigger fruits. From 50 plants the following features have been recorded and analysed to distinguish it from G. decorticans (Gill. ex Hook. & Arn.) Burkart, and to confirm the species status: type of cortex, tree height, presence/absence of gemmi­ferous roots, drupe length and width, as well as length and width of terminal and lateral leaflets. A key for the three species occuring in Argentina is presented. The distribution area of G. subtropicalis is restricted to the Chaco phytogeographic region, G. decorticans is stated as a floristic element of the Monte region with some isolated stations in Chaco. A vegetation table with 21 relevés from Argentina underlines the affiliation of the plots to the classes Panico urvilleani-Sporoboletea rigentis and Larreetea divaricato-cuneifoliae, respectively.