Sydowia Vol. 64/2 E-Book/S 245-254
Lepiota amplicystidiata, a new species from Tibet
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Lepiota amplicystidiata, a new species from Tibet

J. F. Liang*

Research Institute of Tropical Forestry, Chinese Academy of Forestry, Guangzhou 510520, People’s Republic of China

Liang J. F. (2012) , a new species from Tibet. – Sydowia 64 (2): 245–254.

The new species sp. nov., is described and illustrated from Tibet. It is characterized by its pileus with radially sulcate striate margin and spores fusiform in frontal view and penguin-shaped with straight or almost straight abaxial side in side view distinctly narrowed towards the apex, widely clavate cheilocystidia, and a trichodermal pileus covering of elongate, subcylinderical elements.

Keywords: Agaricales, Agaricaceae, lepiotaceous fungi, taxonomy, phylogeny.