Ko Ko u.a.
Sydowia Vol. 65/2 E-Book/S 267-276
Myxomycetes of Myanmar
Artikel Nr 2503
Preis 6,60

Ko Ko T. W., Rosing W. C., Ko Ko Z. Z. W. & Stephenson S. L. (2013) Myxomycetes of Myanmar. – Sydowia 65 (2): 267–276.

Myanmar, like most other countries in Southeast Asia, remains understudied for myxomycetes. Prior to the present study, only ten species had been reported for the entire country. Field surveys carried out during the period of mid-August 2011 to August 2012 at a number of localities in Myanmar yielded at least 67 species in 26 genera. This total includes species that fruited under natural conditions in the field along with those appearing in moist chamber cultures prepared with samples of dead plant material obtained in the same localities. Fifty-seven of the 67 species were new records for Myanmar, and one of these appears to be a species new to science.

Keywords: biodiversity survey, plasmodial slime molds, Southeast Asia, tropical forests.