Granmo; Mathiassen
Sydowia Vol. 65/2 E-Book/S 343-348
A new species of Dothiopeltis from Norway
Artikel Nr 2498
Preis 6,60
Granmo A. & Mathiassen G. (2013) A new species of Dothiopeltis from Norway. – Sydowia 65 (2): 343–348.

Dothiopeltis cicerbitae (Ascomycota, Leptopeltidaceae) is described from Norway as the second species known for the genus Dothiopeltis. The description is based on specimens from six different localities in the northernmost part of the country (North Norway), though only the holotype collection had mature asci and ascospores. All findings were from old stalks of Cicerbita alpina – preferably from such of the past year. Similarities and differences to the previously known species, D. arunci described in 1956 on Aruncus sylvestris, are compared and discussed. The possibility of finding the species in more localities on its host in Norway or else in Europe is judged as promising.

Keywords: Ascomycota, Cicerbita alpina, Leptopeltidaceae, North Norway, taxonomy.