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Phyton Vol. 54/1 E-Book S 27-46
Contributions to the Knowledge of the Flora of the Dinarides (Balk
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In: Phyton 54, Fasc. 1 (2014): S. 27-46 with 2 figures DOI: 10.12905/0380.phytons54(1)2014-0027

Key words: Androsace komovensis, Doronicum grandiflorum, Heliosperma macranthum, Poa glauca. – Alpine plants, flora, floristics, phytogeography. – Alpet Shqiptare, Balkan Peninsula, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dinarides, Kosovo, Montenegro, Prokletije, southeastern Europe.


Frajman B., Pachschwöll C. & Schönswetter P. 2014. Contributions to the knowledge of the flora of the Dinarides (Balkan Peninsula). – Phyton (Horn, Austria) 54(1): 27–46, with 2 figures.

The Balkan Peninsula belongs to the botanically least explored regions of Europe, even if it is probably Europe’s floristically richest area. During several excursions to the western Balkan Peninsula we encountered new and noteworthy localities of rare and endangered plant species and hence present our most significant findings. We discovered a second locality of the recently described Androsace komovensis Schönsw. & Schneew. (Primulaceae) on the summit of Mt. Kërrshat e Mdh’aj (Alpet Shqiptare/Prokletije/Albanian Alps) at the border between Montenegro and Kosovo. Similarly to the type locality, the newly discovered population is spatially very restricted and individual-poor. The occurrence of Doronicum grandiflorum Lam. (Asteraceae-Senecioneae) on the Balkan Peninsula has not been clear so far. Whereas the species’ suggested presence in Albania or Montenegro appears to be based on misidentifications, we confirm its existence in the C?vrsnica and Prenj mountain ranges in Bosnia and Herzegovina and provide characters to distinguish it from D. columnae Ten. and D. orientale Hoffm., for which it has been commonly mistaken. We provide an updated distribution map of Heliosperma macranthum Panc?ic´ (Caryophyllaceae-Sileneae), an endemic of the Alpet Shqiptare/Prokletije/Albanian Alps, based on our own records, herbarium and literature data. Poa glauca Vahl subsp. frearitis (Orph. ex Halácsy) H. Scholz (Poaceae-Poeae) is a little-known taxon of the arctic-alpine Poa glauca complex, previously only known from Mt. Varnous and Mt. Smolikas in Greece. We here report the first record for Kosovo from the summit of Mt. Gjeravica/Ðeravica (Alpet Shqiptare/Prokletije/Albanian Alps), situated at least 200 km NNW of the previously known occurrences in southeastern Europe.