Filippini u.a.
Sydowia Vol. 67/E-Book/S 25-32
The genus Hyperphyscia (Physciaceae, Ascomycota) in Argentina
Artikel Nr 2440
Preis 9,30
In: Sydowia 67 (2015): 25–32 DOI 10.12905/0380.sydowia67-2015-0025

The genus Hyperphyscia (Physciaceae, Ascomycota) in Argentina
Edith Filippini, Gonzalo Quiroga, Juan Manuel Rodriguez & Cecilia Estrabou

A total of 13 species of genus Hyperphyscia were identified. A description is given for each species, including ecology and distribution data. The taxonomic status of each species is discussed. Hyperphyscia confusa, H. pyrithrocardia and H. minor are new records from Argentina. Hyperphyscia cochlearis is synonymous with H. variabilis. The new combination Hyperphyscia endochrysea is proposed.

Keywords: Hyperphyscia endochrysea, lichens, soralia morphology, taxonomy.

Filippini E., Quiroga G., Rodriguez J. M. & Estrabou C. (2015) The genus Hyperphyscia (Physciaceae, Ascomycota) in Argen­tina – Sydowia 67: 25–32.