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Sydowia Vol. 64/1 E-Book/S 1-12
Fungal community of grapevine trunk diseases: a continuum of sympt
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E. Abreo, S. Lupo & L. Bettucci

Laboratorio de Micología, Facultad de Ciencias-Ingeniería, Universidad de la República, Montevideo, Uru-guay

Abreo E. Lupo S. & Bettucci L. Fungal community of grapevine trunk diseases: a continuum of symptoms? – Sydowia 64 (1): 1–12.

The fungal community of grapevines affected with trunk diseases was studied in different grape growing regions of Uruguay. Plants with symptoms were sampled and fungi were isolated from diseased tissues for morphological identification. Following surface disinfection, wood fragments were placed on Petri dishes containing PDA for fungal isolation. Identified species were classified in their corresponding genera, and the relative density of each genus was calculated. Correspondence analyses to assess the associations of genera with symptoms and with geographic region were carried out. Black-foot symptom was separated from the symptoms affecting the aerial portions of the trunk: phaeotracheomycosis, esca and dead-arm. These latter symptoms shared a group of pathogenic fungal species which were not specific to any of them and therefore a continuum of species became evident. Geographical distribution of genera was homogenous throughout the country, with only Greeneria uvicola and Eutypella vitis being specific for the warmer or cooler regions, respectively.
Key words: esca, black-foot, dead-arm, Bot. canker, eutypiose, Petri, Uruguay, Vitis.